Flag Lists

Below are the lists of the flags for the periods we do. Not all of the flags that we make are listed. We can make flags to suit your needs. Special orders are welcome! If you do not see flags that you want on our list, please feel free to email or call us. We are constantly designing new flags.



We don't have many flags for this period. In fact there is not enough here to make a list so if you need something done just write and we will look at the request.

Medieval 475 to 1450

Medieval 475 - 1450

Guys write and ask for what you want!!! 1. War of the Roses. 2. Scottish Wars of Independence. 3. 100 Years War. 4. Byzantines. 5. Crusades. 6. Hungarians. 7. Hussites. 8. Mongolian. 9. Normans / Saxons / Welsh. 10. Tannenburg: Poles and Teutonic Knights. ...


Renaissance 1450 - 1700

The Rennaissance is another large and varied period. Some of the flags offered in this period are: English Civil War (including the Scots), Holy Roman Empire (Landsknechts, Swiss, Hungarians, Italian City States), Pirates, and the Thirty Years War.


Encompassing both wars, this period is the most incomplete of all my periods. Listed are the British, Danish, Dutch, French (Irish, Germans, Swiss), Sweden, and Russia. Request are more than welcome.


Jacobite 1745

Listed are the captured Jacobite flags from the period. Use the Scottish Clan list to augment the Scots and for the English use the SYW list.

Seven Years War

Seven Years War (SYW)

The Seven Years War or French and Indian War in the Colonies is described as the first world war. Included are the Austrians, British, Bruswick, French (Germans, Irish, Swiss), Hanover, Hesse-Kassel, Prussian, Reicharmee, Russian, Saxon, Spain, and Sweden.

AWI 25mm Flag

American War of Independence (AWI)

A very popular period in the US and the UK. Probably the most complete period we offer. Listed are the flags for the British, Hessians, Colonists, and French.


Napoleonic (NAP)

This is the most popular period. There are too many countries to list here so the list has been broken into thirds. British and Allies, French and Allies, Germans (Confederation of the Rhein, Swedes, and Russians).

Confederate - HQ and Misc.

American Civil War (ACW)

Again, this is a self defining list. The flags are listed by state and for the Confederates by the type of flag carried. The Confederates carried one flag per regiment and the the Union two (the national and regimental). If you have information for a flag not listed please send it to us.

Colonial 1


A varied list covering the post Napoleonic period until 1900. The flags include, Boer War, Crimean War, Imperalist Wars, Mexican-American War, NW Frontier, Peking Rebellion, Plains Wars, Sikh Wars, Sudan, Spanish-American War.

Modern / Fantasy

Modern / Fantasy

This list is for the modern period from 1900 and all the special orders not related to anything else. Some of the things incluced are Chinese Revolution, Russian Civil War, Spanish Civil War, WWI, WWII, and Special Orders.