About Us

Started the business in 2003 as an outgrowth of my gaming hobby. Have three great kids, Angle 2010, Arlie 2016 and Avis in 2018. After the arrival of the third and LAST child a new house and car were needed and time for my hobby business vanished. At about the same time I started to develop severe health issues which resulted in a quadruple bypass in early 2021. After about three weeks I had two of the four "patches" collapsed, which put me back in the hospital. At the beginning of 2023 had to have ankle replacement surgery which put me down for about three months. Thank you to all who expressed their concern and look forward to seeing as all you at the shows. This includes the British and Dutch as we hope to be attending their shows in the future as well. Trying to get back to it hope too see all of you soon.

Rick 29 March, 2023