Welcome to FlagDude.com PAPER FLAGS (Feb. 2014)

We had a wonderful time at Fall-In and Crisis. Siege of Augusta will be our next show. Pre-orders are welcome. We provide ready-to-use paper and cloth flags for miniatures, suitable for gaming and dioramas. The flags come just as you see them in the photo's, mounted on steel poles and textured to depict natural waving.

We do all historical periods, science fiction and fantasy flags. Special orders are welcome for any type of flags if time permits and you provide the research.

All of the flags are handmade and as historically accurate as possible. We do all scales so please state the scale of flags when you order. The poles are made of steel wire that comes in the following sizes: (6mm and 10mm = .020"/??mm), (15mm / 20mm scale = .025"/.64mm), (25mm scale = .032"/.81mm), (40mm / 54mm scale = .039"/.99mm). Forts flags can be on steel wire or 1/8" dowel.

The flags are printed on high quality paper using a top of the line ink jet printer that gives the them a cloth look. We offer cloth flags, however the print on the cloth is not quite as sharp as on paper but has a good look, especially in the larger scales.

We attend several shows a year, please look at our schedule for the next show that we will be attending. Preorders for the shows and orders at the shows are welcome!

Mail orders should be to you in less than 30 days and two weeks is the average, however, this depends on how busy we are and if there is any research to be done. Regular mail is the method of delivery but special delivery will be used if the customer pays for the service.
We will be taking a two week break starting August 1-15 and another two week break December 15-31. During this time you can feel free to contact us, but we will not be filling orders during this time. Thank You!