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!!!!!!!!!! WE ARE BACK UP AND RUNNING AS OF FEBURARY 5, 2022 !!!!!!!!!!

We are in the process of updating all of the lists on the "Flags" tab. The lists will just say "All". Just so everyone understands, we will do the flags if you have the research, therefore we do it all!!! Just write with questions and we will go from there. My research my not be the best so corrections are welcome. Also, will be creating a "Worksheet" tab, this will have worksheets with things like the Dervish that are hard to understand how to order without a picture.

I have had severely deteriorating health over the last 2-3 years, so the wife finally convinced me to go see the heart specialist for what I thought would be a stint. Found out I had four major blockages and need a quadruple bypass straight away. All went well and was out of hospital in a week, however, had one of the "patches" collapse a few days out of hospital, giving me an episode and sending me back. While in the hospital for the second time another of the "patches" collapsed giving me yet another episode. After another week in I returned home and all has been well since then. Thank you to all for your well wishes during this time. These issues plus a growing family (ages 3, 5, and 11), new job and a new house have kept me from being available for the last several years.

The good news in all of this is that I have picked up a British agent, Gary Edwards of "Red Eagle Miniatures", details on the Links page. Also have been able to expand what is available. Have done most of the nations of the Indian subcontinent, Northwest Frontier and their British adversaries. Done a fair amount of work on the Crimea, Egypt, South Africa. Also French Colonial Africa and Black Flag Chinese. We can accommodate Game of Thrones and we are working on the Chinese for the Colonial period.

The flags are printed on high quality paper using a top of the line ink jet printer that gives the them a cloth look. The poles are made from steel piano wire unless you want some thing different. 10mm uses .020" wire,#76 drill bit. 15mm uses .025" wire, #72 drill bit. 25mm uses .032" wire, #67 drill bit. 40/54mm uses .039" wire, #61 drill bit. 055 wire uses a #54 and .062 wire uses a #52 drill bits. 25mm and larger poles have a painted finial on the top.

We attend several shows a year, please look at our schedule for the next show that we will be attending. Preorders for the shows and orders at the shows are welcome!

Mail orders depend on how busy we are and if there is any research to be done. Regular USPS mail is the method of delivery but FEDEX can be used if the customer pays for the service.